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Bhupinder Kaur has dedicated her life to spreading the science and soul of Sujok and Triorigin healing created by Prof. Park, Jae Woo.  In a word, she is dedicated to help bring the smile civilization that the Professor spoke about.


At one of Prof. Park, Jae Woo's first seminars in India, Bhupinder was inspired by her vision to spread this  healing system  to every household in the world.  She has worked tirelessly since then, continuously upgrading her skills and consciousness by attending the Professor's seminars, Smile Taiji, Samwondgong and Samwongong camps, Smile Meditation retreats. She has treated thousands of people, conducts free healing camps - shivir-  and is a gold medalist certified by the International Sujok Association (ISA) to teach the courses according to set syllabus and guidelines.


Bhupinder Kaur's students consider her to be a gifted teacher, who has brought her skills of  teaching to a subject that is as simple as the lines on our hands, and as complex as the theories of the universe, in a way that informs and inspires her students. Whatever their consciousness may be, it is upgraded by her teaching and her smile presence. She has the wisdom to understand the abilities and consciousness of her students and patients, and respond to their needs. Many patients become students when they see  results from the treatment.


Bhupinder Kaur is respected by her colleagues for her understanding of the Master's vision, yet her manner has deep humility, as she considers herself a student of the Master, feeling blessed at the unfolding of consciousness he provided and continues to provide.


Bhupinder's classes are infused with the wisdom and visions of the Master: Prof. Park, Jae Woo as she informs her students of how he suggested treatments or approach to certain conditions, in body, mind, life and soul. Some students have become noted lecturers in their own right, as she continues to inspire, treat and teach people from different academic and cultural backgrounds in India and abroad.


She is dedicated to INTERNATIONAL SUJOK ASSOCIATION to spread Sujok Smile and Triorigin to the masses.


- Meenakshi Suri

United States Of America

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Each soul is part of His Origin Smile and

the ‘self’ having soul smile is considered as His Son and Daughter, who has heritage of His Perfection with Origin Smile.


-Prof. Park, Jae Woo