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“Our purpose in life is to fulfill the vision of Smile Civilization and give our whole heart and soul to it”





Bhupinder Kaur's mission as spiritual guide of Triorigin Academy is to help fulfill Prof. Park Jae Woo's vision of a  Smile Civilization.

Under the administration of International Sujok Association, Bhupinder Kaur is guiding, teaching and healing students and patients in many parts of the world with Sujok Ki ,Smile Meditation,Triorigin Smile Taiji and Samwongong.


As a student who studied closely with the Professor for many years, and who co-edited some of his books, she realizes her responsibility in sharing the wonderful gift of smile that Professor Park Jae Woo brought to the attention of the world.  

Her students come from a wide variety of educational and life experience: medical doctors, engineers, psychologists, scientists, mathematicians, Reiki healers, physiotherapists, yoga instructors and homemakers.


She is beloved by her students who operate their own healing and teaching centers, with her inspiration, guidance and support.


Living in this Neutro world Professor showed the importance of balancing self, family and society. In this way, with smile consciousness, the mission of Smile Triorigin Academy is being fulfilled.


KS Chadha and Team

Smile Civilization

When we are with kindness, love and noble intention to serve others then our thoughts become holy, our intentions become pure and our ways are according to HIS

ways then soul can feel  and recognize HIS wondrous mighty power.


- Prof. Park, Jae Woo