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What is Sujok ?

SUJOK THERAPY is to prevent and cure diseases.


Translated from Korean “Su” means <a hand> and “Jok” means <a foot>. Thus Sujok is a method in which hands and feet are used for medical treatment. Hands and feet carry specific curative systems that follow the principle of likeness. The principle of likeness brings forward that “the shapes of the hand and foot resemble the human body”. These curative systems are given the name of Correspondence Systems of Hand and Feet.


The correspondence cure system implanted in hands and feet is really perfect independent cure system realm which is logical, systematic and detailed.



Discovery of Sujok provides various potential treatment systems which are helpful in improving the health of people.



On the way to find out various treatment methods to heal disease the traditional and nontraditional medicine passed a lot of stages striving to help man. As  a result among many treatment systems,  SUJOK THERAPY appeared as the most potential treatment system to treat almost all kinds of physical, mental and  emotional diseases. After the discovery of Sujok Treatment System, innumerable medical professionals and general citizens have studied this treatment system and recorded outstanding cure effects at home and hospitals.



Article by Bhupinder Kaur (India)

With Smile Gratitude to Prof. Park Jae Woo

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