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Triorigin Mudra-Great research by Prof, Park Jae Woo



Triorigin Mudra therapy is a non-medical mode of treatment which helps without harming.This is various postures of fingers and thumbs. In mudra therapy, different diseases are treated by holding and retaining the fingers and the thumbs in different ways.


This simple measure surprisingly restores a state of balance (homeostasis) within the body and raises the level of the performer's resistance. It is very simple, perhaps the simplest among different non-medical therapies.

There are different Triorigin mudras eg: hand mudra.foot mudra, tooth mudra and body mudra.They helps to heal mind and body.

When Triorigin Consciousness is applied  in the process of Mudra then person’s  consciousness is  operating in Neutro manner and radiates Origin Smile.We as human are so close to realize HIS Consciousness as Triorigin Consciousness.

When HIS   Consciousness becomes the very base of our daily life then Triorigin Consciousness Mudra tool is surprisingly effective.



Triorigin Mudra Triorigin Mudra Left Triorigin Mudra Right

While performing Mudra and Mantra when mind joins with the Triorigin consciousness then heavenly energies start resoponding which brings tremendous healing.



- Prof. Park, Jae Woo