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Twist therapy developed by Prof Park Jae Woo have a profound philosophical foundation and  pronounced humanistic implication  allowing to prevent and treat diseases by performing twisting motions of target body parts.

Understanding the fundamental nature and classification of motions opens up wide opportunities to influence the state of our body with the help of precise selection of necessary motions and postures. Triorigin Twist Therapy  is a kind of therapy that provides everyone with the opportunity to achieve harmony of our mind and body in the most natural way.


The human body structure and its motion also follow this Triorigin model order without exception. They explicitly express the related Triorigin characteristics that influence life phenomena and lead them to three-dimensional harmonization.

Twist Therapy is a kind of physical therapy, which employs motion to enhance the bodily activities and to maintain health by activating metabolism and energy circulation in the body by means of twisting the respective body part or the whole body.


As a result the Neutro Net System of the body is activated producing spiral energy structures and sending this spiral wave over the whole body.


In the human body, many layers of the Neutro Net System are formed the moment of birth, when the original spiral net system is planted through the abdomen starting from the navel. The most evident example of this spiral system is the vertex of the head.


When the body is being twisted, this Neutro Net System gets activated and those life substances and energies, which are in the stagnated condition, start to move and finally bring about recovery of vital life activities. That is why twist therapy has such surprising treatment effectiveness.


Accordingly, twist motions, which will activate and recover the formation of this spiral net system are Neutro motions that create vital powers or recover them.


With Smile Gratitude to Prof. Park Jae Woo

Article by Bhuipinder Kaur


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Twist Therapy is so assessable and easy-to use that every one can apply it during everyday life acivities.



- Prof. Park, Jae Woo