Sujok Therapy is a multi-dimensional and drugless system of alternative healing developed by Professor Park Jae Woo of South Korea in the early eighties. The education and training of Sujok Therapy is imparted by way of various courses with the main objective to introduce you to the fundamentals and in-depth knowledge of this science. These courses are designed in accordance with the Global Education Standards of the International Sujok Association

Level – 1 (Basic)

Treat various types of pain.

Deal with common disorders/day to day health problems on your own.

Alleviate the course of chronic diseases and treat them.

Help yourself and your family in emergency situations.

Level – 2 (Meridian Ki)

Understand the Energy Flow (Merdian System) of the human body and use it for treatment.

Use various diagnostic techniques based on yin-yang (homo-hetero), five-elements, and six-ki principles.

Use various treatment methods including a powerful four-steps treatment method to treat through byol-meridians.

Level – 3 (SIX KI 1)

Understand the complex role of meridians and chakras in the human energy system.

Understand the hierarchy of the energy system and its layers – unified, individual, and brach level of energy.

Prescribe unified and individual level treatment by meridians and chakras.

Determine the constitution.

Level – 4 (SIX KI 2)

Make treatment of complex pathologies at the branch, subbranch, sub-sub branch level of energies.

Use various advanced six ki diagnosis techniques for diseases of various organs, systems and body parts.

Assess the constitution of the patient at branch and subbranch levels.